Our collections have fun with their tools

Our looms are cathedrals of iron and rope that come to life like marionettes.
They play at creating the marvelous, the infinite possibilities in a deafening buzz. The crossing of threads, the dazzling designs, the choice of specially created threads overflow the imagination of our crafts.

The treatment of our materials is a plus to differentiate them. A visual imprint, carnal sensations, a remarkable identity, you will notice its bias.

Its contemporary strength is found in all the fabrics, from silks to fireproof textiles that B.V. TAL has injected into the market. 


The strength of the industrial tool, the flexibility of the craftsman, the research of the laboratory, are your servants to make a success of your materials.

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Certifitied iso 9001, 
customer satisfaction is our top priority. 
We are constantly improving the quality of our fabrics.